Chrissy lee

Chrissy Lee is everything you didn’t know existed and more to it. Making people turn their heads all over the world its now time for her to bring her music with her on her chaotic Journey! The Music is Produced by Multi-Platinum Certified Hollywood-Producer Geo Slam and is best described as Pop, Punk, Rock, Trance and a BIG doze of attitude and humor, everything thats Chrissy Lee! Daring, vulgar and sexy, all at once!

The 23 year old dutch-swiss singer started singing at the age of 4 years old and held her first concert 2 years later.

While living in Switzerland, she met Geo slam in a cafe in Zurich while he spent time there working with other artists.

"My friend recognised him and walked up to him and asked him to meet me. Geo and I started talking and the chemistry was there without him hearing me sing. He said he liked my personality and that we should keep in touch. But we forgot to exchange contact details. After 5 months I sent some material that I had recorded to Gary Rabie who I knew was working for Geo Slam.
After a month Geo Called me and said that he would be in Europe during a few weeks and asked me to meet him there."

In 2018 she released her first single “Fueled By The Rush”.